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Checklist Of 6 Most Vital Dissertation Abstract Factors

  • Are you certain that you are going to write a dissertation abstract that would capture the essence of your research in a logical way?

  • Do you know that you have to recognize the focus of your research work in your dissertation abstract?

  • Are you confused how to point to your motivation/rationale behind your study in the dissertation abstract?

  • Will you be able to give the short synopsis about how you conducted the research work?

  • Are you not sure how to summarise your findings/results in your dissertation abstract section?

  • Do you know that it is significant to include your main conclusions and recommendations in your dissertation abstract section?


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5 Most Important Notes to Write a Perfect Dissertation Abstract!!

  • The (descriptive) abstract, sometimes referred to as a synopsis, is a summary of your work.

  • In the dissertation abstract you are supposed to identify the focus of your research, point out the rationale for your research, reveal your research methods, state your main findings/conclusions, and, where applicable, specify your recommendations.

  • You should write your dissertation abstract in a single italicized paragraph.

  • At the end of the dissertation abstract, in a separate line, include up to five keywords that you feel best captures the nature of your dissertation paper.

  • To write a dissertation abstract, use the subsequent abstract template.

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Dissertation Abstract Template



The focus of this research is in the area of... Such a study is important in order to.... The research approach adopted in
this dissertation includes... The findings from this research provide evidence that.. The main conclusions drawn from this
study are... This dissertation recommends that.,,

Keywords: a,b,c,d,e



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