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Checklist of 5 Most Significant Dissertation Introduction Factors

  • Are you aware of the reality that your dissertation introduction will grab the attention of your dissertation advisor as the famous proverb says “first impression is the last impression!”

  • Are you sure that your dissertation introduction provides enough basic background knowledge of your area of research to place your study in the context?

  • Does your dissertation introduction elucidate the focus of your research completely?

  • Are you confident enough that you are going to write your dissertation introduction in a way that it will give logical and clear specification about your overall research aim and individual objectives?

  • Will you manage to cover your dissertation introduction accurately without even excluding pointing out your research value?

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Discover how to write a dissertation introduction in no less than 25 Minutes by understanding the following dissertation introduction structure that is requisite for a 2:1 standard dissertation!



Part # 1: Background
Part # 2: Research Focus
Part # 3: Overall Research Aim and Individual Research Objectives
Part # 4: Value of this Research

It is also absolutely good enough to include part 4 within 2and/or 3 as per your convenience.



The Background in Dissertation Introduction

This initial part of your dissertation introduction should position your area of research in context using relevant sources with direct and indirect referencing approach.

The Research Focus in Dissertation Introduction

This is simple to describe the subject matter and purpose of your research.

Overall Aim & Individual Research Objectives

This is the core part of your dissertation introduction where you clarify your research focus by identifying the objectives of your research essential for the completion of your main objective. The objectives could be well transformed into research questions. While enumerating these core essentials, you are also supposed to provide an over view of the research methods that you are going to use in terms of task planning within an estimated time.

Value of Research Subsection

This is just a paragraph where you tell why you think your research is worth doing (think in terms of the beneficiaries of your work).

An Outline Structure

Lastly, create an outline structure which you complete accumulatively as you advance through your dissertation. The outline structure highlights the main sub-sections contained in each of the dissertation chapters.

This is how you can write your dissertation introduction. To have better idea about the complete dissertation introduction you should visit the home page.