Acknowledgement Page For a Dissertation Makes Your Research Legitimate.

Acknowledgement section in a research paper is placed in the beginning but written in the last. You give credit to the contributors of this research. People who made this research possible for you from the beginning till the end. You can review an acknowledgement example for a research paper to have a better idea. You need to write it right, place it write and present it right to make it fit to your dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is the toughest activity of every student’s graduation or Master’s degree. This is because the students are usually not aware of its structure and formatting. One cannot under estimate the importance of even a tiny factor involved in a dissertation writing.

A fascinating yet academic acknowledgement for a dissertation should be under 500 words and should not include anything irrelevant. Give credits to everyone and everything involved in your dissertation research and writing process.

Thankfulness comes with the realization of others’ participation in your struggle. You approve and express that you realize their contribution in your journey towards the completion of your long waited dissertation. Let’s analyze a few points to understand how an acknowledgement page should look like.

1. Everyone who has somehow helped you finish your paper should be acknowledged

This has to start with your tutor, supervisor and other academic faculty who have somehow been the contributor of your dissertation struggle. Telling them that your marvelous research was made possible by their assistance and kind help, will definitely be a good start of your acknowledgement page.

2. The books and other study material that was referred to you by your supervisor

Your resources were made available to you by the supervisor. You did not know where to get relevant books and study material for your dissertation and it was your supervisor who resolved the problem for you. Write down how your supervisor brought you out of the most difficult situations when you had got stuck.

For example: “I never had to ask for help form outside of my academic circle because of an expert and helpful supervisor. My literature review was the most problematic part of my entire dissertation but it was made extremely easy by my supervisor”

3. Mention your own contribution as well

You should write about the journey of struggle that you had to go by yourself. How you sacrificed your comfort and other things in daily life just to craft a worthy it piece of paper. Show that this paper writing had an impact on your life and future. Don’t forget to mention that this dissertation has developed in you a sense of research and motivation for future projects.

4. Address acknowledgement for data collection, surveys and interviewing processes.

Mention all the steps involved in this process of data collection, analysis and recommendations. Thank the tutor for his assistance in designing the questionnaire. Thanks any senior managers or company officials that helped you fill your questionnaire. Any reports or survey experts that helped your get these results should be mentioned and given the credit for their work.

Acknowledgement Is A Noble Characteristic Of A Thankful Individual Only.

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